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BLOK Container Systems has a portfolio of four products to improve the efficiency of cranes by up to 30 per cent during the loading/unloading of vessels. This includes the automation of Semi-Automatic Twistlock (SAT) removal and a product solution for the quick, safe and accurate tandem lifting of empty containers which alone have the ability to increase crane productivity by up to 18 per cent. The system adds terminal customer value by speeding turnaround time and enabling shipping lines to maintain schedules and save fuel.t> 

   Why BLOK Container Systems? 

For Container Terminals the BLOK Container System offers the ability to move containers more quickly and add value through improved service levels. 
Safety and speed increased by reducing manual twistlocking 
Double figure percentage gains when loading and unloading vessels 
Improved flexibility and responsiveness to timetable pressure 
For Shipping Lines the BLOK System offers: 
Quicker turnaround, fewer schedule delays and improved service value 
"On an Asia-Europe round-trip the time spent in port has increased from 12 days in 2007 to 18 days. If we can't lift the containers off faster, the whole thing will come to a grinding halt" 
Søren Skou, Maersk CEO 2015 
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