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An Industry Revolution is about to start 
An Industry Revolution is about to start 
$1 Billion per year can be saved in the industry every year by blocking and lifting 6 containers at a time. Singamas is going to show you how. Their Ship to Shore Crane will demonstrate it. QSOE will show you how to block the containers together. Blok-Beam Ltd will explain how to start immediately making these savings compliant with IMO and OSHA 
Time and Location 
Monday 28 November 2016, Reception from 10:00 am, Demonstration at 11:00am at Singamas QSOE (Alongside the Chongqi Bridge on the north bank of Yangtze River). No.1 Taiping Road, Huiping Town, Qidong City, Jiangsu Province, PRC 226262 
At QSOE: Cathy Yim. Tel: (852) 2588 9222 
At BLOK-BEAM Ltd: John Evans Tel +44 161 456 4896 mobile +44 7814123431 
The 6 times faster System 
The BLOK-BEAM system forms empty containers into blocks of six (3x2), to which two BLOK-BEAMS are attached. BLOKs can be lifted on and off ships using existing cranes and their spreaders, loading six containers at once! 
Empty containers account for 20% of all containers lifted. BLOK-BEAMs can save the Shipping Lines $1 BILLION per year in empty lifts, turnarounds, accidents, losses at sea. 
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